Our Philosophy

Slowly comes the beauty and perfection. Our work is a creative process put together from hundreds of moments focused on precise details. Hand stitching is the only way for us to reach the high quality and durability. The basis of our work is a dialog between us and the customer – to know that our bespoke, hand sewn product becomes a personal accessory of someone’s life is very important for us.

About Us

The beginnings of our work go back to the year 1994. That time we focused on the production of luxurious horse riding accessories. Today we produce bespoke luxury leather goods. Together with each client we find the best solution and thus the process is always creative.
We use traditional procedures and we do only hand sewing. We keep a close look on trends in the leather business. Our mission is to return the craftsmanship the respect it deserves and to deliver our customer high standard products which will accompany them for years. Trends change but the thorough leather art remains.
Ondřej Šíma
Zaměstnankyně Šíma Praha

Hand Stitching

Hand stitching is undoubtedly the most durable method of making leather goods. The only thing we use is the needle, best quality threads and our hands. Our craftsmanship is proved with every stitch - each must be visually perfect and firm, that’s why the production is time demanding. Quality hand sewn products take longer to create but they are beautiful, unique and durable.
Ikonka hlavičky pera


Leather products accompany the man from the very beginning of the time. It is one of the most beautiful natural materials. It adjusts to its owner, gains a patina and becomes a part of his or her lifestyle. We choose every piece of material personally at international leather fairs and we test them visually and manually to ensure it is flawless and first grade. We buy our leather in Belgian, French and Italian tanneries.
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